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I create calc.bll because Windows 10 calculator can't edit the history that I am use to do in Windows 8
Still calc.bll is much simpler than the built in Windows calc.exe, it's just that calc.bll can edit the history.
Download: calc.rar, (4,339Kb) calc.bll is one of the sample file from BLL's samples files

5 July 2016 v1.0       First calc.bll

Keyboard shortcuts:
[Q]        Quit calc.bll
[Enter]   Toggle input/History

Calculation process:
100+3*5-3/2+1=257     Calc.exe
100+3*5-3/2+1=257     Calc.bll

Calculationg steps:

How you suppose to calc:

BLL 5, Show the calc.bll script in detail
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